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Our History

by Vincent Santelmo

Finally, a reflocking service that can restore your adventure-worn GI Joe's - the only service of it's kind!

A nice GI Joe is hard to find ... that's what they say! Painted Hair figures from the 1960's are tough, but what's tougher? A 1970's Adventure Team GI Joe with perfect hear and beard! Of thousands of GI Joes with life-like hair that are available today, too many have serious hair loss that resulted in peoples disinterest to collect Adventure Team figures, and even sell them at a considerably lower price than they'd normally bring because they had hair rubs.

By 1998, collectors' prayers were answered! Craig Blankenship, of yakima, Washington, and fellow GI Joe buff recognized the demand for a service that could 'Reflock' these basket cases! Actually, it was his 14 year old son Derek's idea. Realizing there was such a demand for this type of work, and that no one was offering it, Craig became determined to offer his flocking service to the public.

He spent six months of product development to perfect the application process, and gambled thousands before placing his first Toy Shop advertisement. His home-based business, which cannot be duplicated, offers a superior product to large manufacturing plants. "Since our business took off, Barbie collectors found out about us, and now we're also reflocking their Ken heads. Our service is limitless!"

Craig stressed the importance of his family's involvement. "With the help of Kristina, my wife, and my sons Derek and Tyler, I was ready to offer a total reflocking service. My friends also gave many helpful suggestions."

Craig restores your "follicle impaired" GI Joes back to normal and, upon request, he makes custom heads too. You can even completely change the identity of the figure, make a Sea Adventurer a Land Adventurer, and so on. Or, if you wanted a GI Joe with just a mustache, even a goat-T or pork chop sideburns, or hairy eyebrows, or a wandering scar painted in another place... Craig will do the job! He'll even make your 30 year old Adventure Team Commander look 75 by giving him gray hair and beard! Instead of fighting White Tigers, GI Joe can fight his wife for the hot water bottle. Brown, Blonde, Black, Red, and Gray hair are offered.

"You should see some of the balding and dirty heads that come to us. And, in just a short time, we strip the entire head (or a small section) and using colors identical to Hasbro's, Club Hair transforms the same figures back to new, ready for the display case! Since first advertising, our service has become very welcomed in the GI Joe community. We are glad to offer this service to the troops, and we hope to so for a long time to come."

Many companies offer components to compliment GI Joe, while Craig's Club Hair actually gives life to the original GI Joe figures themselves. Craig's service has made many people happy, especially adult collectors who own the same GI Joe's they had as kids. They'll send in their original heads and when returned it's just as new as they remember when they bought it in the 70's.

Heads are only $17 postpaid and insured. The cost includes complete reflocking and retouching of eyebrows (if needed). If you send entire body, add $1.50. If you want eye color touch ups or custom colors, add $3.00. Craig Ships world wide, by any service the customer requests. With an order of five heads, you get a sixth on FREE! Heads are ready to ship back in one to four days. "We're getting pretty busy these days," Craig happily admits. "But someone's got to provide this service. I am very happy that we can accomodate so many collectors in need!"

Collectors, I would strongly suggest Craig's "Club Hair" service for your precious keepsakes. There's no need to sell your collectibles at a fraction of the current market value just for 'body parts' because they have hair, beard, or eyebrow rubs. If you examined your "Club Hair" reflocked heads under a magnifying glass you couldn't tell the difference from the original. That's a fact! "Club Hair" is durable too. You can rub the hair and wash it - it won't come out. The hair glue is strong as cement. Craig even gives his personal guarantee. "We are absolutely and positively certain you will be completely amazed at the quality of our service. If not, we offer a 100% money back guarantee (minus shipping)"

"Club Hair" is exactly what collectors have needed for years. I'll stake my reputation on it!!

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