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Operating Room

In addtion to our regular services, Club Hair also provides the following repair services. All parts used are made of sturdy materials and, like our popular reflocking service, are fully guaranteed.

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Muscle Body: Replace old elbow, shoulder and neck
joints plus rivets with new Club Hair parts
Vintage 60's Body: Replace old elastic and hooks with
new Club Hair parts.
Adventure Team Body: Same as 60's Body $15.00
Talker Body: Replace lower body elastic
with new Club Hair parts
Talker Body:
(shoulder joint)
Replace swivel joint, gusset and
rivits with new Club Hair parts

Head Painting

Hair: $15.00
Eyes: $10.00
Lips: $2.00
Scar: $2.00
Eyebrows: $7.00
Entire Head $25.00

Rivets & Cleaning

Paint (13) Rivets: $10.00
Tighten (13) Rivets: $5.00
Clean figure, paint face,
paint & tighten (13) rivets:

Body Parts
(when available)

Vintage: Hands $25-$30 pair $18 ea.
Feet $12 pair $8 ea.
Forearms $17 pair $9 ea.
All others by estimate  
Cotswold's: Hands $9 pair
Feet $7 pair
Forearms $6 pair

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